Learn Excel from MrExcel – “Dynamic Range Without OFFSET”: Podcast #1632

January 28, 2013 at 3:17 pm 3 comments

Today, a new podcast series: “Things that I Learned at Trainertage“, by Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen.

I spent a week in Lucerne Switzerland at the 8th annual Trainer Days. This is a team of Microsoft Office Trainers who began getting together once a year to teach each other new tricks in Office. Today, they allow others to attend. I was their guest speaker for Trainertage 2013. Now, the obvious problem: I don’t speak German. But they were patient. I spoke slowly, and everyone got along well. My friend Tony Dejonker helped with translation during my first session, but it was decided that my “Slow English” was good enough for the remaining three sessions.

First observation: doing training for other trainers is tougher than my normal sessions. I always learn a new trick or two from the audience in a normal session; usually someone in row 2 shows me up. I expect it, and have a prize for it. At Trainertage, it was less than 1 minute and 30 seconds into my presentation when the first trick came from row 2, and more flooded in from row 2 all night. Some even from row 1 and row 3!

Second observation: When I would watch another trainer’s session in Deutsch, I would learn new stuff. I couldn’t understand the language, but I would pick up things that I had not seen in the U.S. These new friends of mine all learned from books in German and attended their own sessions and had learned a whole new set of tricks. I joked that I was going to steal these for the podcast, and they were all cool with that. “It is not stealing, it is sharing”. They learned from me, and I learned from them.

In my first episode of Things That I Learned at Trainertage, I lead off with a trick from the mother of Trainertage; Tanja Kuhn. Yes, you might be smart enough to build a dynamic range using OFFSET and COUNTA, but you won’t have to anymore with this clever twist on using Ctrl+T. Today, in Episode #1632, Bill shows us a new dimension in Dynamic Ranges.

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