What Is In “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” and Who Is It For, Really?

August 10, 2012 at 7:18 pm

I’m sure that some… most… – ok ‘ALL‘ – of our regular viewers have seen us advertising for our latest Learn Excel Publication, “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen. We’ve had a lot of questions from folks about the actual content of the book, what it covers and what audience the book is geared for. Hopefully, today, we can answer most – if not all – of this for you.

"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen

Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” starts out assuming…nothing. And what does ‘assumes…nothing’ mean? Consider this:

You may have heard of Microsoft Excel via some obscure reference on campus or at work, but for the most part you haven’t even a passing acquaintance with Microsoft Excel and have never needed to. However, that day comes when you arrive for class – or the start of a brand new work day – and you are informed by your professor/Instructor/Supervisor that we will be required to start using this Microsoft Excel thing. And then…the panic sets in. Well…if this describes you, then “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” was written with YOU in mind!

Redundantly, I could load this post with a lot of graphics, purchase links and text pulled from the book… and all of that would help SEO the blog entry, but it won’t help you. Ideally, you want to visit the Homepage for “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” [DFtSS Homepage] and read the rest yourself. The page is long, but it has the ENTIRE Table of Contents for the book listed out so that you can see exactly what is in it. There are also links on the DFtSS Homepage that will take you to the spot in the MrExcel Store where you can purchase the book.

Oh right! I almost forgot! There are Sample Files – Workbooks – full of ALL of the stuff that you’ll find in the book! So, you can read about it, see it in the images in the book AND open the files that particular section refers to and see The Actual Workbook!

Ifif you want to get a feel for the content of the book, check out the “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” Podcasts that Tyler Nash and Bill Jelen have created to help better cover the topics in and audience for this book. The Podcasts can be found here on the Blog by searching ‘Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet’ or you can go to YouTube Channel and view them all there. We are still adding Episodes to the list, so if you subscribe you will be notified of ALL daily Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcasts including those featuring “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet”! You can also subscribe to this blog to get the same.
You can watch the one of the Podcasts below right now as well; this one is titled, “All Of My Numbers Are Corrupt!

If you know NOTHING about Microsoft Excel, then “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen is the book you want to look at first. No joke. It will take you from Zero to Excel-ling in no time. After that, we can talk about Bill Jelen’s “Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010” book. Thank you for taking the time to read – and if you know someone who could benefit from a book like this, be sure to pass the link along!


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"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" - by Tyler Nash, Bill Jelen, Tom Urtis and Kevin Jones

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