Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet – “12-13 Becomes 13-Dec?”: Podcast #1561

June 19, 2012 at 8:55 pm

This is ‘The Official First Podcast’ in the “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” series that we have planned; podcasts in this special series will highlight the true value of this great new Excel Beginner Book!

So, when typing a few numbers into a cell do you find that sometimes those numbers are changed to a date by Excel? Well…what if you didn’t want a date? What if you wanted the numbers in that cell to remain exactly the way you typed them in? Following along with Episode #1561, find out why your numbers have changed, why Excel thinks that its a good idea to do that and -most importantly- what you can do to keep the numbers in the cell just the way you entered them into it!

Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet: A Beginner’s Guide To Overcoming Excel’s Frustrations” by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen


Many ‘Beginner Oriented’ Excel How-To books say they can bring you from zero to familiar with the important features of Microsoft Excel – ‘Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet’ actually will. Why are we so confident? Because the questions in this book were asked by an absolute Excel Beginner – Tyler Nash – with the answers provided by three (3) Microsoft MVPs specializing in and dedicated to teaching others Microsoft Excel, from the ground up – Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen

"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen
“This Book Makes Excel For Dummies™ Look Like It Was Written For Rocket Scientists!”


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The Excel Beginners Book:

"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" - by Tyler Nash, Bill Jelen, Tom Urtis and Kevin Jones

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