Notes on the Updated Edition: “Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010 from MrExcel” by Bill Jelen

September 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm Leave a comment

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, the third edition of Learn Excel is now available. This edition is titled “Learn Excel 2007-2010 From MrExcel – Master Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Charts, VLOOKUP, IF, Data Analysis and Much More – 512 Excel Mysteries Solved.” Yes, it is a really long title, but I wanted to convey that it is not a book for Excel beginners.

The first edition of this book came out back in 2004 with 277 mysteries solved. The second edition came out in 2008 with 377 mysteries solved. Now, in 2011, I am up to 512 mysteries solved. While the math would suggest that this edition includes (512-377=135) 135 new topics, it actually contains almost 200 new topics. Some of the old topics were consolidated or removed.

Some of those new topics are specifically for Excel 2007/2010 new features:

  • Keep favorites in the Recent Documents List – page 31
  • Embed your spreadsheet in a web page – page 123
  • Sort red cells to the top – page 377
  • Remove duplicates – page 435
  • Hundreds of tiny charts in seconds – page 661
  • Help your manager visualize numbers – page 668
  • Use Document Themes – page 727
  • Draw business diagrams – page 773
  • Get SmartArt content from cells – page 787

Others are cool new techniques that I’ve picked up since the last edition:

  • Filter by selection – page 384
  • Pivot table template – page 490
  • Open Excel with Ctrl+Alt+X – page 45
  • Intersection for 2-way lookup – page 200
  • Find the second largest value – page 242
  • Make a formula always point at a particular cell – page 318
  • Analyze every date between 2 cells – page 352
  • Track negative time – page 360
  • Show Yes/No in a pivot table – page 481
  • AutoFilter a pivot table – page 507
  • Generate reports for every customer without a macro – page 512
  • Compare two lists faster – page 552
  • Pop-up pictures – page 747

Also in this edition, I no longer attempt to provide backwards compatibility for those using Excel 2003. This saved an incredible amount of space in the book.

This edition still uses the Problem, Strategy, Alternate Strategy, Gotcha format, teaching all of the cool features in Excel through a problem/solution format.

Thanks in part to advertising support in CFO Magazine:

This edition is selling well. All of these shipping envelopes contain a copy of the new edition:

…and we had to take two cars to the post office that day!

To get your own copy, visit the MrExcel Store.


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